Deep Learning Conference Vol 2.0 - San Francisco

Deep Learning San Francisco
  • San Francisco, USA

The Deep Learning Programs in this conference will transform you into an expert in deep learning techniques using TensorFlow, the open-source software library designed to conduct machine learning & deep neural network research. You’ll master deep learning and TensorFlow concepts, learn to implement algorithms, build artificial neural networks and traverse layers of data abstraction to understand the power of data.


  • Understand the concepts of TensorFlow, its main functions, operations and the execution pipeline
  • Implement deep learning algorithms, understand neural networks and traverse the layers of data abstraction which will empower you to understand data like never before
  • Master and comprehend advanced topics such as convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks and high-level interfaces
  • Build deep learning models in TensorFlow and interpret the results
  • Understand the language and fundamental concepts of artificial neural networks
  • Troubleshoot and improve deep learning models
  • Build your own deep learning project
  • Differentiate between machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence

Participants should have an understanding of the fundamentals of Python programming, basic knowledge of statistics, basic machine learning knowledge

Artificial Intelligence today is taking over each and every industry domain. Machine Learning and especially Deep Learning are the most important aspects of Artificial Intelligence that are being deployed everywhere from search engines to online movie recommendations. Taking this Deep Learning training can help professionals to build a solid career in a rising technology domain and get the best jobs in top organizations.