About Prog360

About Us

Prog360 was established in 1998 in Texas, United States. With headquarters in Texas and London, the company has branches all over the world, mainly offices in Britain, Germany, USA, Canada, China, Middle East and Singapore. Flexibility of our Instructors and optimized organization processes allows us to provide trainings even in places with no physical presence of the company. All of our operations is complemented by innovative technology of remote and classroom trainings. We are pioneers in introducing trainings in International market from technologies just gaining recognition, which our competitors have not heard about yet. We are up to finding training solutions to challenges presented to us by clients, thus over the years gaining trust from more than 2000 business partners.

We offer practical knowledge to all of the people looking for specific solutions. In our training offer you will find such popular course as i.e. Java, Python, SQL, DevOps, as well as those still not very recognised, freshly entering the markets – Apache Spark, OpenStack, TensorFlow, Selenium, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Analysis et al. Our offer consists of training outlines regarding more than 200+ technologies. At Prog360, we emphasis need of not only following the latest technological trends, but also anticipating the changes in tendencies.

We focus on delivering academic knowledge combined with practical skills that will be used on everyday bases by our participants. We also hold expertise in providing business solutions in industries like Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Coporate Legalities, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Leisure and Utilities

Our Timeline

1998 – 2000

Prog360 starts as Progressive Globe in a dorm room of Texas University as an IT Services Firm, primarily working with Linux and Windows 98 applications.

2000 – 2002

Under, Daniel and Jessie, the team grows and start taking international assignments and delivering training and seminars related to the Internet and Windows Administration across the State(Texas)

2003 – 2004

Progressive Globe recieves recognition by Investors - Otis Huggins and Benjamin Olsen. People start calling the team Prog360

2005 – 2007

Progressive Globe expands its delivery domain across the States. Progressive Globe Team officially becomes Prog360

2008 – The Recession Hits

Prog360 works hard with the working professionals helping them find a better career option and even getting self-employed

2010 – Present

Focus on creating a 360 degree ecosystem that not just trains people on technology but also creates new career opportunities by diving into niche domains.Also begins focus on K-12 segment while expanding across the globe.

Our Core Team


Daniel Geoffrey

CEO and Founder

Jessie Mitchell


Otis Huggins

Investor and Board Advisor

Benjamin Olsen

Investor and Board Advisor

Ram Murthy Iyer

Investor, Advisor and Board Director