Big Data Workshop - Cairo

Big Data Iowa
  • Cairo, Egypt

Prog360 provides top-notch Big Data Hadoop training in this workshop to be held at Cairo, Egypt. This is a program that helps you get complete industry relevant exposure and expertise.

As part of this program you will be trained in the four vital domains of Hadoop viz. the Developer, Administrator, Analyst and Testing roles.


  • Complete knowledge of Hadoop and the various tools and technologies.
  • Working exclusively on Hadoop cluster for managing, monitoring and scheduling.
  • Hands-on experience in HBase, MapReduce, HDFS, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, ZooKeeper.
  • Mastery of Spark, Scala, Storm for real time Big Data processing and analytics.
  • Integrating various ETL tools with Pig, Hive and MapReduce.
  • Various methods of Hadoop testing using MRUnit and automation tools.

There is no prerequiste for this course. But basics of UNIX, SQL and java would be good to learn big data hadoop.

  • Global Hadoop Market to Reach USD 84.6 Billion by 2021 – Allied Market Research
  • Shortage of 1.4 -1.9 million Hadoop Data Analysts in US alone by 2018– Mckinsey
  • Hadoop Administrator in the US can get a salary of USD 123,000 –
  • Big Data is fastest growing and most promising technology for handling large volumes of data for doing data analytics. This Big Data Hadoop training will help you to be up and running in the most demanding professional skills. Almost all the top MNC are trying to get into Big Data Hadoop hence there is a huge demand for Certified Big Data professionals.

  • Proficiency: MapReduce,Spark, HBase
  • Audience: Analytics,BI,ETL personnel, Coders
  • Average Salaries: USD 100,000

  • Proficiency: Cluster schedule, monitor, provision
  • Audience: Mainframe,QA personnel
  • Average Salaries: USD 123,000

  • Proficiency: Includes all components
  • Audience: Includes audience of both
  • Average Salaries: USD 172,000